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Various Types Of Turning Machine Works
- Nov 17, 2016 -

Turn belt turning machine, knife belts turn, mesh belt roof chain turning machines, turning machines, roller turning machine. Turning machine is suitable for light industry, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, packaging, testing, logistics, tobacco, machinery and other industries.

(1) belt turn machine run main is by ends main/passive drum and the rose tight device of closed conveying with composition, by motor drive drum, drum led belt run of drum called drive drum, by belt off attached drum run of drum called passive drum, passive drum main is regulation belt of run run partial degree, belt conveying machine of run main is by active drum and belt Zhijian of friction to achieved run of. Belt inner turning radius, the greater, wider straps, needs to run, the greater the friction, so the greater the drum diameter and taper.

(2) the drum turning machine is motor, rollers, gears, chains, worked closely with a one-way operation. Is the motor drive shaft gears, gear driven chain operation, chain driven rollers running gear, and then run the drum drum through chain gear drive adjacent runs.

(3) the belt turn similar to the principle of the machine and belt conveyor, belt turning machine motor,

Shafts, gears, chains, belts, guide, support rail with one closing run. Frequently used in the food industry.