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Twin Screw Extruder Modification Of The Material
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Twin Screw Extruder Modification of the material

Molding machine screw: in meshing direction in the study of twin screw extruder, spend more energy in the melt conveying and mixing in the process of extrusion, the reason is the mixed collaborative research focus, this is because the extrusion machine is mainly used in the polymer modification. In the study of mixed studies, mainly experimental research, it is natural to combine melt conveying and melting section to carry out some theoretical research.

Molding machine screw: as for the chemical reaction in the extrusion process, the double screw reaction extrusion process has gradually become a hot topic. This is because, the twin screw extruder as a chemical reactor in a row, can take on the material synthesis and processing and molding of polymer modified or for the final products of the traditionally separate operating together, thus has many advantages. But the research is only just beginning.

Screw extruder: it is the research of double screw extrusion theory, which not only affects the faster development of the double screw extruder, but also limits the improvement of its application level and the expansion of application scope. People have realized the importance of increasing the experiment and theoretical research on the extrusion process of twin-screw extruder, and the research on the extrusion process of twin-screw extruder has become a hot topic in the world. All kinds of visualization techniques, on-line detection, control technology, and offline detection technology are constantly appearing, which will surely play a larger role in the study of the experiment and theory of twin-screw extruder. More accurate computing, the emergence of advanced and convenient computer software, will also speed up the process. Molding machine screw: the mechanism of the transmission mechanism of twin-screw extruder is seldom discussed. In introducing the extrusion process of twin screw extruder, the transmission mechanism of twin screw extruder must be discussed. Small make up to talk about next conveying mechanism of twin screw extruder for twin screw extruder, is refers to the material nature what principle, or in any way from the feed section to the end of the screw conveyor. For plunger type extruder, no matter what physical state of the material, the material is sent from the feeding end to the outlet end under the push of plunger. The transmission mechanism is positive displacement transmission. The positive displacement is also called forced delivery, which is characterized by the displacement of the outer surface of the system, replacing some of the liquid in the system.

Molding machine screw: in principle, the single screw extruder in the screw, barrel structure and what is the difference on the overall structure, as long as it is full thread screw, its transmission mechanism is the same. And transmission mechanism of the twin screw extruder to complex than single screw extruder, it is related to many factors, such as screw meshing or not, meshing area of the spiral groove is closed or open, screw rotation, to join the material properties, and add the amount of how many, etc. Thus cannot put different types, different operating conditions of all the work of the twin screw extruder is a positive displacement conveying mechanism briefly chengdu, or the meshing direction work mechanism of the twin screw extruder as and single screw extruder, should be discussed separately.

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