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Telescopic Conveyor
- Nov 17, 2016 -

Telescopic telescopic conveyor belt conveyor, telescopic roller conveyor, telescopic Fu wheel conveyors.

1) telescopic belt conveyor is in common with increased telescopic mechanism on the conveyor, belt conveyor can be extended in length direction and is driven by devices (motors, gears, chains, roller) tightens belt, central structure and composition roller conveyor belts as traction and components to continuous bulk handling of broken material or product.

2) retractable roller line timing belt driven by a motor or o-rotation, which drives the rotation of the drum drive box cargo runs ahead.

3) non-powered telescopic roller line and blessing to the thrust between the wheel conveyor is made of case goods and by external force (push, and a height difference of gravity to drive running.

Telescopic conveyor operation simple, (users can adjust the button according to its own requirements, to see the real length of the conveyor. In models equipped with automatic lifting devices, users can also control the height of the conveyor end), greatly shorten the distance between the artificial and from material handling, shorten the time of loading, reduce labor intensity and reduce the damage of goods, reduce handling costs and improve efficiency. Telescopic conveyors running smoothly, no relative movement between the material and the straps to avoid damage to the material.