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Telescopic Belt Conveyor
- Nov 17, 2016 -

Telescopic belt conveyors for use, first step: move the conveyor to the loading place; the second step: moving conveyor to Interior; the third step: switch on the power, open the switch operation, the side switch for the reverse switch, front button for start switch, red power LED display for counter display device (there is a small button above, you can count back to zero. ); The fourth step: according to the job requirement, through hydraulic height adjustment head, pulls out the hydraulic controller, head increase, to throw, head down. Note: fall flip controller will be slow; the fifth step: job completes, unplug the power supply, turn the switch off, and then moved to the specified location displayed.

Positioning of telescopic belt conveyors conveyor is mainly used in 10-60-kg bag of goods on and off the job. Features of telescopic belt conveyor 1, this conveyor only need 2 people to move to different locations. 2, directly to the Interior, and can operate inside 10 meters in depth. 3, the conveyor operation, just drag the artificial close cargo operation will be completed, forward the goods, reverse redundant, loading/unloading efficiencies up to about 30 pieces of goods per minute. 4, according to the job requirement can be multi-directional adjustment conveyor operations, using original robotic arm hydraulic device, maximum up to 4 meters, the minimum can be reduced to 2 m, solve problems such as heavy cargo pallet.

The use of telescopic belt conveyors, shorten the distance between the artificial and from material handling, can shorten the time of loading and unloading of goods, reduce labor intensity and reduce the damage of goods, reduce handling costs, improve work efficiency, first telescopic belt conveyor is used to express the tobacco industry