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Technical Characteristics Of Screw Conveyor
- Nov 17, 2016 -

From conveying material displacement direction of angle divided, spiral conveying machine is divided into level type spiral conveying machine and vertical type spiral conveying machine two big type, main for on various powder, and particles-like and small block, loose material of level conveying and vertical upgrade, the spiral conveying machine not suitable conveying easy metamorphic, and viscous big, and easy caking or high temperature, and fear pressure, and has larger corrosion sex of special material.

Vertical screw conveyors suitable for short-distance vertical transportation. Flexible screw conveyor spiral by flexible shaft and blades of synthetic rubber, flexible, according to the site or process requirements of any arrangement, space transportation. Spiral conveyor leaf now and pull the entire loss, now pull any thickness and sizes can be made, the whole Rumsfeld not making non-standard screw.

Spiral conveying machine General by conveying machine ontology, and access material mouth and the drive device three big part composition; spiral conveying machine of spiral leaves has entity spiral surface, and with type spiral surface and leaves spiral surface three species form, which, leaves type spiral surface application relative less, main for conveying stick degrees larger and can compression sex material, this screw hanging face, in completed conveying job process in the, while has and completed on material of mixing, and mixed, function.

Compared with other transportation equipment spiral conveyor, low section sizes, good sealing performance, smooth and reliable operation, middle point loading and unloading materials and safe operation, simple maintenance and so on.