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Mesh Belt Conveyor Method Of Operation
- Nov 17, 2016 -

In front of the mesh belt conveyor running, first to confirm that the mesh belt conveyor equipment, personnel, goods are to be delivered in a safe and sound State; then check all moving parts properly, check all the electrical circuit is normal, normal belt conveyor can be put into operation. Finally, check the power supply voltage difference with equipment rated voltage does not exceed ± 5%.

Mesh belt conveyor and operation as follows:

1. main power switch on, check the device power into the power led is lit. Correctly to the next step.

2. the power switch closes the circuit, check that normal. Normal mode: the device doesn't work, mesh belt conveyor running LEDs do not light up, inverter power supply equipment such as lights, inverter display panel shows normal.

3. start in the process followed by the electric equipment, previous electrical equipment for electrical devices start properly after the next startup.

4. mesh belt conveyor running, must comply with articles designed to be delivered in the provisions of goods, comply with the mesh belt conveyor capacity. Second, pay attention to all categories of personnel shall not touch the moving parts of a mesh belt conveyer, non-professionals are not free to contact electrical components, control buttons, and so on. Finally, mesh belt conveyor running the inverter cannot be after the level of circuit breakers, such as determining maintenance needs, you must stop running instances you can, otherwise you may damage the inverter.

5. the mesh belt conveyor stops, press the stop button to stop rear cut off the main power supply of the system.