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High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder The Whole Structure In The Design
- Aug 11, 2017 -

High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder The whole structure in the design

Single screw extruder is mainly used in a very common plastic extrusion equipment, the equipment of the whole structure in the design is more reasonable, and durable, not easy to damage. Which machine rod is mainly through the heat treatment of carbonization technology, so that it not only has high strength, but also does not appear wear phenomenon, the life of more durable, compared with the ordinary, it is three times many. In addition, the single screw extruder also selected advanced lubricants, which in the protection of the bearing has played a favorable side, in the operation process and maintenance process is also very convenient.

Single Screw Extruder Features: Multi-layer composite technology Use of high-isolation materials and other packaging materials combined with other packaging materials to summarize the isolation of high isolation and other information of the sale or special mechanics, thermal and other functions, to complete a specific Of the functional requirements. Co-extruded composite film structure planning gradually demand system to reach the set of functions, skills, capital, environmental protection, safety, secondary processing in one.

The use of single screw extruder: single screw extruder is one of the types and their grasp of the operation of a single screw extruder key, correct and reasonable use of single screw extruder. The use of a single screw extruder includes a range of equipment, equipment, adjustment, commissioning, operation, protection and repair of the machine, which has the usual commonality of the machine, the main table is now driving the motor and deceleration gear

Single screw extruder operating system that is extrusion system, but unique, in the use of single-screw machine should pay special attention to its characteristics. Two-and-a-long and pitch-changing screw plastic extrusion system, engineering analysis software for oscillation-induced plasticization equipment optimization planning, flat valve plus die and diagonal valve plus die, internal cooling skills and double outlet Pressure cooling skills, multi-component weight loss measurement feeding, online film thickness accurate control system, the computer set automatic control system and bus control skills.

Single-screw extruder attached to the inner wall of the cooling pipe is easy to scale the scale of the external corrosion and rust. Maintenance should be carefully reviewed, too much scale will block the pipeline, fail to achieve cooling effect, severe corrosion will leak, so the maintenance of the need to adopt descaling and anti-corrosion method. On the drive screw to change the DC motor to point to see the brush wear and touch the situation, the insulation resistance of the motor value is not above the specified value should also be often measured. Also check the cable and other parts is not rusty, and use the protection method.