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High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder Structure Application
- Aug 01, 2017 -

High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder Structure application

High efficiency single screw extruder barrel in the extrusion press system and the same, is an important part of the extruder. The barrel cooperates with the screw, the barrel contains the screw, and the screw rotates in the barrel. When the screw rotation to promote the plastic movement in the barrel forward, the heat from the outside of the barrel to heat the tube to the plastic, coupled with the screw on the screw volume gradually reduced, so that the thread within the plastic by the squeeze, Cut and so on the role of a variety of uniform mixing after mixing, with the movement to the front of the barrel at the same time, gradually melt was viscous flow, to complete the plastic plastic. Barrel and screw with the normal work to ensure that the extruder continuous extrusion molding raw materials production.

   High-efficiency single-screw extruder barrel for the use of the structure of the hopper is more common use of ordinary hopper, forced feed hopper and vibration feed hopper.

    1, ordinary hopper

    Ordinary hopper. This simple structure, low cost hopper used in a small extruder for the barrel for the material. This hopper feeding method is to rely on the weight of the pellets itself, free fall into the barrel. Therefore, the work also pay attention to avoid the raw material in the hopper in the "bridge" phenomenon, affecting the continuous production of extruder production.

    2, forced hopper

    Forced hopper feed applications are used in large extruders or extruded materials for powder applications. The helix is driven by the motor through the worm gear, and the upper end has a spring to apply a certain pressure to the screw, so that the screw rotates the material into the barrel. When the barrel material is full, the pressure of the pressure of the raw material to the top of the spiral, stop the barrel feed. When there is no raw material in the barrel, the spiral is pressed by the spring force, continue to rotate for the barrel supply.

    This forced feeding method, to avoid the hopper in the raw materials produced by the "bridge" phenomenon, to ensure that the hopper for the machine for continuous feeding, to ensure continuous production of extruder.

    3, vibration hopper

    Vibrating feed hopper structure is relatively simple, but in the ordinary hopper plus an electromagnetic vibrator. When the barrel needs to feed, start the vibrator, so that the hopper in the horizontal direction of the jitter, the hopper in the raw material to overcome the hopper wall and material and the friction between the material resistance, a move in the jitter and into the barrel.

    Vibratory hopper for the material suitable for powder or pellets, the structure is simple, and not easy to produce raw materials "bridge" phenomenon, the cost of low efficiency is very practical.

   High efficiency single screw extruder barrel structure is relatively simple. In a large-scale extruder, the structure of the twin-screw extruder barrel can consist of several sections. As the barrel is divided into several sections, the length of each barrel is reduced, which brings convenience to the machining barrel. However, this is composed of several sections of the barrel, the machined inner diameter and the length of the barrel of the hole concentricity of the more difficult to achieve the same; In addition, the sub-twin-screw extruder barrel with flange connection, to Barrel heating and cooling equipment layout will bring some difficulty, temperature control will not be too uniform. In order to save more expensive alloy steel, some large extruder barrel with inner hole with bushing or cast wear-resistant alloy layer method. Such a barrel outer casing can be cast from ordinary steel to achieve the purpose of reducing the manufacturing cost of the barrel.