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High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder Screw Speed
- Oct 19, 2017 -

High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder Screw speed

Extrusion process Extruder screw divided into three sections: feeding section (feeding section), melting section (compression section), measurement section (equalization section), the three sections of the corresponding material to form three functional areas: Solid conveying area, material plasticizing area, melt conveying area.

Solid conveyor area of the barrel temperature is generally controlled at 100 ~ 1400C. If the feeding temperature is too low, so that the solid conveyor area to extend, reducing the plasticizing area and the length of the melt conveyor area, can cause plasticization, affecting product quality.

Material plasticization zone temperature control in the 170 ~ 1900C. Control of the vacuum of this section is an important process index, if the vacuum is low, will affect the exhaust effect, resulting in the existence of bubbles in the pipe, seriously reducing the mechanical properties of the pipe. In order to make the gas inside the material easy to escape, should control the degree of plastic material in the section can not be too high, but also often clean up the exhaust pipe to avoid blocking. Barrel vacuum is generally 0.08 ~ 0.09MPa.

Melt conveyor zone temperature should be slightly lower, generally 160 ~ 1800C. In this section to improve the screw speed, reduce the head resistance and increase the pressure in the plasticization area are conducive to the increase in conveying rate, such as PVC thermal plastic, should not stay in this section too long, the screw speed is generally 20 ~ 30r / min. The head is an important part of the extrusion of the product, its role is to produce a higher melt pressure and the melt into the desired shape. Each part of the process parameters are: die connector temperature 1650C, die temperature 1700C, 1700C, 1650C, 1800C, 1900C.

Previous article: High-speed single-screw extruder main purpose Single-screw extruder as a common extruder equipment for the plastics processing industry, mainly used for extrusion of soft, hard polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other thermoplastic Plastic, can be processed a variety of plastic products, such as blown film, squeeze pipe, platen, ribbon, etc., can also be used to melt granulation. Plastic extruder design advanced, high quality, good plastic, low energy consumption, the use of involute gear drive, with low noise, smooth operation, bearing capacity, long life and other characteristics.

 Single screw extruder generally according to the screw diameter size, pitch, screw depth to determine the effective length of three sections, each one-third division is divided into the transmission section, compression section, measurement section. The conveying section starts from the last thread of the notch, mainly preheating, compressing and completing the conveying task. And the second paragraph is the compression section, the temperature to achieve the degree of plastic material, mainly compressed plastic materials will be transported to the third paragraph. The third paragraph is the measurement section, the material to maintain the plasticization temperature, accurate, quantitative delivery of melt materials used to supply the nose.

 Single screw extruder features include: hard tooth gear box, AC or DC stepless speed control; new screw structure, melt and mix evenly to ensure low melting temperature and high yield; screw barrel high hardness; heater can be required Using air-cooled and water-cooled; advanced electrical control system.

 High efficiency single screw extruder adopts two-step overall design, strengthened the plasticizing function, can guarantee high-speed high-performance stable extrusion, special barrier integrated mixing design, to ensure the material mixing effect, high shear low melt The temperature guarantees the high performance of the material at low temperature and low pressure metering. High-speed, high-yield extrusion on the basis of high straightness is its main characteristic and main design idea.