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High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder According To Screw Diameter
- Sep 27, 2017 -

High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder According to screw diameter

Single screw extruder generally refers to only one screw extruder, which is divided into three sections in the effective length, according to the screw diameter size, pitch, screw depth to determine the effective length of three sections, generally by one-third Division.

Single screw extruder main features: the use of two-step overall design, strengthen the plasticization function to ensure high-speed high-performance stable extrusion, special barrier integrated mixing design to ensure that the material mixing effect, high shear low melting The plasticizing temperature ensures high quality low temperature and low pressure metering of the material. Design concept and characteristics: in the high straight on the basis of high-speed high-yield extrusion.

Screws and barrels are important parts of a single screw extruder, one is an elongated threaded rod, one is a smaller diameter and long holes, their mechanical processing and heat treatment process are more complex, the accuracy of the guarantee are more difficult. So, after the wear of these two parts is to repair or replace the new pieces, we must from the economic point of view a comprehensive analysis. If the cost of repair is lower than that of the new screw, it is not necessarily the right choice. The comparison between the repair cost and the update cost is only one aspect. Also depends on the cost of repair and repair the use of screw time and update costs and update the screw to use the ratio of time. The use of small ratio of the program was economical, is the right choice. Single screw extruder is mainly used in a very common plastic extrusion equipment, the equipment of the machine structure in the design is more reasonable, and durable, not easy to damage. Which machine rod is mainly through the heat treatment of carbonization technology, so that it not only has high strength, but also does not appear wear phenomenon, the life of more durable, compared with the ordinary, it is three times many. In addition, the single screw extruder also selected advanced lubricants, which in the protection of bearings played a favorable side, in the course of the operation and maintenance process is also very convenient.

Single screw extruder in the use of the process, it should be noted that must be positive to run, can not choose to reverse, so as not to affect the unnecessary loss, followed by to avoid the mechanical "fasting", and must be in the material and Heating the state to run, so that can effectively reduce the stick bar phenomenon problems. In the single screw extruder feed port, you need to carefully check the material, can not be mixed with iron and the like debris, so as to avoid the occurrence of mechanical accidents, affecting the normal operation and production.