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General Daily Maintenance Of Conveyor
- Nov 17, 2016 -

1, should be fixed in the working process involved in the running of the conveyor. Caregivers must have technical knowledge and are familiar with the performance of this conveyor.

2, enterprises should develop a conveyor shall be "maintenance, repair and safety procedures" so that caregivers observed. Caregivers must be a shift system.

3, the belt conveyor feeding should be uniform, shall not feed more of the feed hopper items are stuffed and overflow.

4, conveyor working process, non-minders may not be near the machine; no person shall touch any rotating parts. When a failure occurs, you must immediately stop to eliminate faults. Where not immediately eliminate the excessive influence of defect should be recorded when removed.

5, when custody conveyor should always observe the operation of the various components, check the bolts found loose tighten in a timely manner. But outright bans while the conveyor is running, the moving parts of the conveyor for cleaning and repairs.

6, the tail Assembly of screw tension device should adjust the fit, keep the tension of the conveyor belt with normal working. Caregivers should always observe the performance of the conveyor belt, where local damage, depending on the degree of damage (whether it had an impact on production) when deciding whether to replace or repair immediately replaced with new. To remove the conveyor belt depending on the degree of wear and the other for other use.

7, watch belt conveyor to observe their work, cleaning, lubrication and sporadic work such as check and adjust screw tension device.

8, mesh belt conveyor in General should be in no load starting and parking after the material is discharged.

9, in the conveyor in addition to normal lubrication and replace individual damaged parts, but must overhaul once every 6 months. When in use and recording of defects must be eliminated, replace damaged parts and replacement of lubricants and other.

10, the working conditions of the enterprise according to the conveyor maintenance cycle.