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Extruders Transmission Part
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Extruders Transmission part

Constitute the editor

In the extruder, in general, the most basic and most versatile is a single screw extruder. Its main include: transmission, feeding device, barrel, screw, nose and die, and other six parts.

Transmission part

Transmission parts usually by the motor, gear box and bearings and other components. In the extrusion process, the screw speed must be stable, can not change with the screw load changes, so as to maintain the quality of the finished product uniform. But in different occasions but also require the screw can be variable speed, in order to achieve a device can be extruded different plastic or different products requirements. Therefore, this part of the general use of AC commutator motor, DC motor and other devices to achieve stepless speed, the general screw speed of 10 to 100 r / min.

The role of the drive system is to drive the screw, the supply screw in the extrusion process required torque and speed, usually by the motor, reducer and bearings and other components. And in the structure is basically the same premise, the reducer manufacturing costs roughly proportional to its size and weight. Because the reducer's shape and weight, means that the production of materials consumed more, the other used by the bearings are relatively large, so that manufacturing costs increase.

The same screw diameter extruder, high-speed and efficient extruder than the conventional extruder consumes more energy, the motor power doubled, the reducer's seat size corresponding increase is necessary. But the high screw speed means a low reduction ratio. The same size of the reducer, low reduction ratio compared with the large reduction ratio, the gear modulus increases, the capacity of the reducer to load also increased. So that the weight of the reducer is increased in weight, not linearly proportional to the increase in motor power. If the denominator with the amount of extrusion, divided by the weight of reducer, high-speed and efficient extruder was small, a large number of ordinary extruder. In terms of unit yield, the motor power of the high-speed and high-efficiency extruder is small and the weight of the reducer is small, which means that the unit production cost of the high-speed and high-efficiency extruder is lower than that of the ordinary extruder.

Feeding device

Most of the feed is usually used as pellets, but it can also be made of ribbon or powder. The loading equipment usually uses a conical hopper, and its volume requires at least one hour's dosage. The hopper has a truncated device at the bottom of the hopper to adjust and cut the material, and the side of the hopper is equipped with a viewing hole and a calibrated metering device. Some hoppers may also contain a decompression device or heating device that prevents the raw material from absorbing moisture from the air, or some of the cartridges also come with a stirrer that can be automatically fed or fed.


Hoppers are generally made in a symmetrical form. In the side of the hopper to open a window to observe the material level and feeding situation, hopper at the bottom of the opening and closing doors to stop and adjust the amount of feeding. Hopper above the lid to prevent dust, moisture and impurities fall into. In the choice of hopper material, it is best to use lightweight, corrosion-resistant and easy processing of materials, generally more use of aluminum and stainless steel plate. The volume of the hopper depends on the size of the extruder and the way it is loaded. Generally, the extruder is extruded from 1 to 1.5 h.