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Extruders Screw Placement And Its Technical Setting
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Extruders Screw placement and its technical setting

Screw placement and its technical setting

① screw section and its function

(1) screw is usually divided into: transport section, melting section mixing section, exhaust section, equalization section 5 segments.

1, transport section, transport materials, to prevent the material.

2, the melting section, this section after heat transfer and conflict shear, so that the material is full of melting and homogenization.

3, mixing section, so that the material composition of the scale to further refine and uniform, constitute the structure of the ample, with a mixture of dispersion and laxative function.

4, exhaust section, discharge of water vapor, low molecular weight substances and other impurities.

5, homogenization (measurement) section, transport and pressurization, establish a certain pressure, so that the mouth of the material must have a certain density, together with the further mixing, and ultimately reach the smooth extrusion

The intention of granulation.

(2) the distribution (distribution) and lazy mixed parts

1, the distribution of mixing, so that the melt cutting and reorganization, so that the distribution of the various components of space, mainly after parting, stretching (compression and expansion of the replacement occurred), distortion, fluid

Activities such as re-orientation under the action of stress replacement.

2, lax mixing, so that the components broken into particles or incompatible two components of the scale to achieve the scale of the scale, the main shear stress and tensile stress to complete.

② transport components, threaded

Indicating that the law: "56/56" transport block, the previous "56" counseling process for the 56MM, after a "56" refers to the length of 56MM.

Large lead, refers to the pitch of 1.5D ~ 2D

Small lead, refers to the pitch of about 0.4D.

The use of rules: follow the lead to add, add the amount of screw extrusion, material retention time to reduce the mixing effect.

A, the choice of large lead thread occasions, to transport the main occasions, conducive to the progress of production; heat-sensitive polymer, shorten the stay time, reduce degradation; exhaust,

There are also selected shallow groove), increase the appearance of the product, conducive to exhaust, evaporation and so on.

B, the choice of lead thread occasions, mixed with the main occasions, with a different section of the work group gradually reduced for the transport and pressurization.

C, the choice of small lead thread for the occasion, for the combination is usually gradually reduced for the transport section and homogenization of the measurement section, play a pressurized, progressive melting; progress of the mixture process

Degree and extrusion stability.

③ mixing components, there are two categories, "K" series and "M" series (dentate)

"K" series

"45" refers to the point of view of the film, "5" refers to a total of five, "56" refers to the long, "K"

Degree of 56MM, screw width of 56/5 = 11.2mm), its parameters:

A, the direction of the forward and reverse - reverse, the delivery of materials have a hindrance, play an extension of time, progressive filling to increase the pressure, greatly improve the role of mixing


B, point of view, usually "30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 90 °" points, its role and role:

A, forward, increase the intersection angle, will drop the delivery ability, extend the stay time, improve the mixing effect, but the more easy to leak. On the mix of mixed and lashing

In spite of the fact that the spreads are mixed with the viewpoint and become more useful, the lash is mixed at the viewpoint 45. When the best, followed by 30.  The worst is 60.