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Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line Ripple Forming Machine
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line Ripple forming machine

Direct extruded double wall corrugated pipe equipment is divided into two kinds of PE and PVC, the production line structure, including extruder, corrugated machine, spray cooling tank, planetary cutting machine, cutting rack. Foreign production of double-wall corrugated pipe equipment companies are: Kema, Unique, Hagler, De Ross Maher, Franciscans, etc. the first domestic PE double-wall corrugated pipe is introduced in 1997, Shanxi Plastic Factory Of the Kema company production line (caliber 500mm) Anhui Guofeng have also introduced the Youni Ke, Kema PE double wall corrugated pipe production line. Later, there are several imported production lines were introduced, but the production capacity is far from meeting the needs of China's market, and foreign imports of equipment is expensive, so that the return on investment greatly reduced. In recent years, some of the domestic strength of the press enterprises have begun a large diameter double wall corrugated pipe production line research and development. These enterprises learn from the absorption of foreign advanced production equipment on the basis of technical research, compared to the advantages and disadvantages of various foreign equipment, the use of complementary advantages, the successful launch of the international advanced level of large diameter double wall corrugated pipe production line.

Double wall corrugated pipe equipment development process editor

The first generation of technology is air-cooled cooling fixed-type technology.

Performance: Bellows inside and outside the two layers were two independent extruder for the material, can be achieved inside and outside the use of different colors and different raw materials production.

Forming machine is divided into upper and lower machine, cooling method is a combination of water and air-cooled, but the exact is the traditional sense of the air-cooled, with online flaring function,

The second generation of technology is open water pouring technology.

Module cooling cycle: intermittent water cooling

Performance: forming machine with horizontal structure, shuttle drive, intermittent water cooling, vacuum forming, support online double flaring.

The third generation of technology is sealed pressure water cooling technology.

Module cooling cycle: continuous continuous water cooling

Performance: sealed high pressure cycle continuous water cooling, high cooling efficiency, higher yield, and air-cooled models and second-generation intermittent water-cooled models compared to the output increase of up to 3 times the high. At present the production of third-generation models of the manufacturers in the country only Weifang in the cloud Research Co.