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Belt Deviation Of Belt Conveyor And Processing Method Of Slip
- Nov 17, 2016 -

Belt deviation of belt conveyor for several reasons, according to different reasons to be processed.

First, adjust the bearing rollers

Next: installing a self-aligning roller

Third: tension adjust belt tension adjustment adjustment of deviation of belt conveyor is a very important part.

Part IV: adjust the position-driven drum and drum-driven drum and drum belt deviation adjustment adjustment is an important part of

V: bi-directional adjustment of the running deviation of belt conveyor

Belt slipping approach:

First: spiral tensioning and hydraulic tensioning the belt skidding machine using screw tensioning or when there is a slip of Hydraulic tensioning of the belt conveyor tension stroke can be adjusted to increase the tension. However, sometimes not enough tension were already, belts a permanent deformation belt can then be cut off for a while, repeat the curing.

Second: using nylon straps or a tight schedule when EP is required longer when travel can be back enough sulphur or increase tension travel solution.

Deviation for various reasons, according to different reasons to be processed.

Third: the counter weight tensioning belt conveyor belt slip use counter weight tensioning device of belt conveyer belt from slipping can add either return address, add up to the belt does not slip. But you should not add too much so as not to put unnecessary tension on the belt and reduce the service life of the belt.