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Pipe Extrusion Lines Plastic Processing
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Pipe Extrusion Lines Plastic processing

Extrusion in plastic processing, also known as extrusion, in the non-rubber extruder processing using hydraulic press pressure in the extrusion of the mold itself out. Refers to the material through the extruder barrel and the role of the screw, while by the thermoplastic, while the screw forward, continuous through the nose and made a variety of cross-section products or semi-finished products, a processing method.

In the fiber chemical industry is also useful to the spinneret feed machine for melt spinning. Extrusion is applied to the processing of thermoplastics and rubber. It can be used for batching, granulation and compound filtration. It can continuously produce and manufacture all kinds of continuous products such as pipe, profile, sheet (or sheet), film, wire and cable Rubber tire tread, inner tube tire, seal, etc., its high production efficiency. In the production of synthetic resin, the extruder can be used as a reactor, continuous polymerization and molding processing, in the rubber industry in the compression ratio of different extruders can be used to plastic natural rubber. Extrusion of different materials, some of the compression ratio different.

The raw material from the hopper into the barrel, under the action of the screw rotation, through the inner wall of the barrel and the friction surface of the friction surface forward to the feeding section, where the loose solid forward transport at the same time being compaction; in the compression section, Shallow and further compaction, while heating in the barrel and the friction between the screw and the inner wall of the barrel, the material temperature rises and begins to melt and the compression section ends. The homogenization section makes the material uniform, constant temperature, Melt, to the nose after forming, by stereotypes to get products.

1, extrusion method

By plastic way: dry extrusion and wet extrusion

By pressing: continuous extrusion and intermittent extrusion

2, features

Production continuous, high efficiency, simple operation, wide range of applications

1, host

Extrusion system: composed of screw and barrel, is the key part of the extruder. Its role is plasticized material, quantitative, constant pressure, constant temperature extrusion melt

Drive system: drives the screw to provide the required torque and torque

Heating and cooling system: to ensure that the plastic and extrusion system in the molding process temperature of the process requirements

2, auxiliary machine

By the nose, stereotypes device, cooling device, traction device, coiling device, cutting composition

3, the control system

By the electrical, instrumentation and implementing agencies

Function: control the main and auxiliary motor to meet the required speed and power; control the main auxiliary temperature, pressure, flow, to ensure product quality; to achieve automatic control of the extrusion unit to ensure that the main and auxiliary aircraft coordinated operation.