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Plate And Sheet Extrusion Lines Furniture Interior Decoration Sheet
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Plate and Sheet Extrusion Lines Furniture interior decoration sheet

SJSZ series of conical twin-screw extruder is a suitable for all types of PVC powder extrusion molding equipment, equipped with different molds and auxiliary equipment. Can produce all kinds of PVC plastic pipe, profile, decorative panels, bar and granulation.

The barrel is cast aluminum heater ring heating and air cooling system cooling. With heat transfer fast and uniform, easy operation and maintenance features.

Screw core with automatic circulation of the cooling control system to improve efficiency. According to the user different formulations, the structure of the most reasonable screw, in order to achieve the best plastic state and logistics quality.

Gear box, distribution box with imported bearings, imported seals, gear with 38CrMOALA alloy steel, nitriding treatment.

Temperature control system imported temperature control table, imported contactor control, temperature control accuracy of up to 1 ℃. The motor adopts AC motor, imported frequency control or DC motor, the British Continental 590 DC control. The electrical system has a number of fault alarm function, with current protection device.

The equipment is the most advanced, environmentally friendly energy-saving decorative plate production line, it is stable, reliable, innovative, reasonable structure, high degree of automation, high efficiency.

Mainly used for the door surface decoration, furniture, interior decoration plate production, this device to achieve the online film, replacing the previous glue coating, that is to improve the production efficiency, but also produce high quality non-polluting products.

The production line can produce a wide width of 600-1200 between any wide-size PVC plastic doors, the main equipment SJZ92 / 188 conical twin-screw extruder, stereotypes machine, traction machine,cutting machine, discharge rack and other components , Advanced equipment configuration, well-made, the main electrical control components using the world's leading brands, extrusion system designed to absorb foreign advanced technology in the same industry, high reliability and durability. Auxiliary machine has two configurations: YF1000 and YF1250, for the majority of users choose.

The crust foam board is made of Celuka technology. Compared with free foaming, the surface layer is not only smooth and smooth, has a large cortex hardness and rigidity, and the mechanical properties are obviously better than free bubbles. PVC crust foam sheet extrusion equipment are parallel parallel twin screw extruder, sheet metal mold, vacuum stereotypes and ten roller traction and other auxiliary components. Application prospects are very broad. Widely used in high-grade cabinet furniture, advertising lettering materials, building decoration materials, cars, trains, marine interior materials.