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Vs spiral conveyor screw conveyors
- Nov 17, 2016 -

Screw conveyor features:

Small size with a whole section, good sealing performance, stable operation, reliable, safe operation and easy maintenance.

Screw conveyor features:

1) good environmental performance.

2) conveying capacity, throughput is 1.5 times of the same diameter shaft screw conveyor.

3) torque, low energy consumption and discharge opening is not blocked.

4) long transmission distance, single conveyor length can be up to 60~70m.

5) compact, space-saving, beautiful appearance, easy, economical and durable.

Scope of application:

(1) the conveyor screw conveyors in soft drinks, beer, cigarettes, postal services, newspaper, printing, food, pharmaceuticals, widely used in logistics, electronics and other industries.

(2) screw conveyors are widely used in chemical, building material, metallurgy, food sector, at angle β < under 20 °, conveyor viscidity, difficult to go bad, no less (too late) caking of powdery, granular and small block materials.

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