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Speed chain conveyors feature
- Nov 17, 2016 -

Speed chain conveyors feature:

(1) transport large amount of variety characteristics of collinear shunt transport can be achieved.

(2) space saving, highly practical.

(3) the free transportation, or as storage of materials available to do assembly line conveyor.

(4) conveyors running smooth, low noise, can guarantee exact synchronization of conveyor.

Speed chain conveyor motors, gears, chains, guides and supporting Rails worked closely with worked closely with closing run. Drive shaft driven by a motor running gears, gear driven chain, chain driven tooling that smooth operations, the ball and chain hold scroll between rail and rail operation, machine driving the medium and long term use of this structure. Speed chain conveyor is suitable for Assembly, testing sets, small-scale, aging and conveyor, tooling and fixture on the Board, meet the Assembly of the parts needed, widely used in medium and small household appliances Assembly, installation, testing, debugging on the line. Chain conveyors used heavy cargo transportation, high temperature and harsh environments.