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Specification for use of roller conveyor
- Nov 17, 2016 -

Gravity roller conveyor applications, use steel cover open or covered to avoid increased friction bearing. Application of bearing temperature can be as high as 170 degrees, but steel covered bearing, temperature should not exceed 100 degrees, cover cap will deform. In 0 ¡æ ~65 ¡æ when outside, you need to take into account the special lubrication problems. In high temperature applications, conveyor belt load interval will increase, and quickly moved to reduce cylinder heat gain. And best drum cooling device. The load capacity of the roller is determined by the bearing load capacity and the width of the roller. Basic bearing load capacity is determined by formula and experimental testing. And are rated with a narrow width of conveyor, width increase, resulting from the deformation of the shaft load capacity of the roller, gravity roller conveyor load capacity has a great relationship with the selected component, according to the roller, frame, frame combinations may be.

For processing shape of different has straight pressure type, and curling type and the forming type three species assembled way, in skeleton track Shang of drum assembled, can above or below skeleton, completely depending on application of needs and set, as drum below skeleton track, is skeleton track can Dang guide with, not needed another loaded security bar; but as using more wide of load, for load will and skeleton interference and cannot using. Drum means than skeletons, another safety hurdle, more flexible in application. Most popular channels of frame, l-beam or plate forming type. Forming is differentiated, forming and bending can be divided into structural steel, structural steel weight heavier strength better used for heavy load, usually on both sides of the conveyor is using the same steel, using the support beams are welded or bolted. However, some specific requirements apply, frame type is not the same on both sides. Drum containing more, have better transportation and load capacity and turn have better traction. This building also has three skeleton bones design module, due to its automatic centering of tracking, can make the load on the conveyor center line moving.