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Selection of conveying equipment considerations
- Nov 17, 2016 -

Because the surface contact with the conveyor transporting goods and object characteristics directly impact the selection of equipment and system design. Transmission characteristics including size, weight, surface characteristics of the goods (soft or hard), rate of processing, packaging and the center of gravity and so on, are all factors to consider.

When planning for transportation of all goods should be listed, the smallest and the largest, heaviest and lightest, sealed and without seals. In the device's design is not only the largest or heaviest items affect the design.

Lighter items may not be able to make the sensor actuator, smaller items also affects the equipment type selection, such as a drum or belt. For some accumulation conveyor, weight range has an important effect. At the time of planning, the primary system does not need to deal with all of the items, a second set of systems or artificial way to deal with the less frequently used items, it may be more economical.

All new conveyors, must relate to the existing cargo handling equipment, make the best match. Simple systems, such as the use of forklifts; a complex system, such as the use of robots, automatic guided vehicles, or access. Of the system will affect the selection and configuration of equipment, especially in the transportation operations of the handover point.

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