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Plate chain conveyor application
- Nov 17, 2016 -

Flat-top chain conveyor chain structure is very simple, only a piece of chain plate with hinged ring on both sides with a PIN. Side hinged rings and pins on one side of a fixed link, known as the fixed hinged ring. Side hinged rings and pins in scroll link, called the hinge. Activities hinged rings and constitutes a flat-top chains and the PIN hinges. Inpeng top chain use often come into contact with liquids, material with stainless steel chain plate most certainly useful engineering plastics manufacturing. Hinged rings of steel flat-top chains are roll formed, so hinge is welded, the roundness is not easy to ensure. Loads will be opened, is a weak link. With the development of tooling and plastics, plastic flat-top chain recall also developed. Due to the flat-topped chain link plate is casting of plastics molding, so chain structure more complex shapes can be used as needed. Because the chain plate has ribbed, they are able to improve the strength of the chain. Double bend stiffener joints Zheng straight flat-topped chain strength is no better than simple hinged roller steel flat-top chains.

Flat-top chain has a simple structure, light weight, easy to manufacture and maintenance advantages. Roof of flat-top chains provided the width of horizontal bearing capacity for conveying material. Roof width is determined according to the requirement of conveying material. When the chain and sprocket gearing, the hinge itself is engaged with the sprocket parts. For parallel chain clearance on both sides of the roof, so only a straight line. Use flat-top chains are determined when loading is very important. Widely used in straight plate chain conveyor design. Number of side chain conveyor mesh belt conveyor is used instead.

Plate chain conveyor for irregularly shaped items overload transmission. Chains chains use large rollers with attachments, in the annex to the synchronizing chain on both sides connected with a plate-shaped Member conveying direction to form a continuous flat and smooth running. The machine with chain or roller conveyor can be used in conjunction in the corner transportation.