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Chip conveyor chain
- Nov 17, 2016 -

Working principle of chain conveyors and belt conveyor is similar to plate chain conveyor is motors, shafts, gears, chains, sheet plate, guide and support rail with one closing operation. In the process of running, chains chains on both sides of the ball and holding scroll between rail and rail operation, this structure in the medium and long term use of mechanical principles.

(1) transport large amount of variety characteristics of collinear shunt transport can be achieved.

(2) load-bearing capacity, suitable for use in heavy industry.

(3) the forms can be customized according to site and site size, so customers can easily choose the most reasonable structure.

(4) conveyors stable running, low noise, easy maintenance after sales simple.

(5) mechanical construction firm, stable and long life.

Plate chain conveyor for casting industry (all types of transport and cooling of the die casting process, waste, transport), cans, barrels, boxes, pallets and other heavy transport.

Top chain conveyor is widely used in food, canned food, medicines, beverages, cosmetics and cleaning products, paper products, spices, dairy and tobacco, such as automatic transmission, distribution, and finishing and packaging line conveyor.