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Characteristics of reciprocating hoisting machine
- Nov 17, 2016 -

(1) automation, and configure a variety of security devices, thus ensuring personal goods safe.

(2) lift the car up and down stroke can be material, in a cycle in the lift car and both sides can make the material flows.

(3) for reciprocating elevator lifting range, but at the same time conveying capacity decrease with the increase in travel.

(4) the reciprocating up-and-down motion of the lift is the use of lifting the car to achieve the vertical transportation of materials. Lift cabin can be fitted with different types of transportation equipment, and fit the entrances and conveying equipment, make the transportation process is completely automated, so as to improve production efficiency.

(5) reciprocating forms (fixed or mobile), flexible arrangement, materials from all directions in and out of elevators, ease of production equipment layout.

(6) than tilt hoist to save space, they do not tilt.